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Indio Remodel



PGA West

Retail Store

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Phillips Remodel


The Alder Residence

  • Luxury residential apartment remodel.

  • Art Deco design style

  • Kitchen and bathroom designed to account for needs of MS diagnosed client.

  • Custom built-in design in living room.

  • Space to entertain and have guests stay over night.

Enscape_2020-12-14-00-47-06_ Enscape.jpg
Enscape_2020-12-14-19-29-39_Master Bath Vanity.jpg
Enscape_2020-12-15-02-24-45_Master Bedroom.jpg
FFE Plan Alder Residence.png
Alder Residence RCP.png
Alder Residence Elevations.png
Alder Residence Kitchen LSP.png

Carlyle Condo
Project by muin

  • Living room refresh at Caryle in Minneapolis.

  • Integration of client's existing sofa and lamp with new selections.

  • Natural fibers chosen to reduce allergic reactions.

Carlyle 3006 Empty 1.JPG


Carlyle 3006-1.jpg





Paragon Lounge
Project by muin

  • Remodel of existing 830 sq. ft. lower space for sports simulator.

  • Incorporated acoustical panels to decrease noise from sports equipment.

  • Provided residential style seating to increase linger time.

  • Designed custom railing and ramp for building to be compliant with ADA standards.


Paragon lower level before.jpg


Lower level during.jpg


Paragon After.jpg

The Cup

by Jill Mueller & Dan Hones

  • Top Golf Swing Suite in Yonkers, NY.

  • Custom Retail Wall, Gallery Wall, Bar, Back Bar, Check-in Desk, Shelving, and Hitting Bay Bars.

  • Responsible for all energy efficient lighting throughout with vacancy sensors in each bay.

  • Specified all materials and furniture.

  • Created detail drawings for all custom millwork.

The Cup Bar.JPG
The Cup Retail Wall 2.JPG
The Cup Retail Wall 1.JPG
The Cup Putting.JPG

Concept Design

Resilience Branding-04.png
Wool Structure.PNG.png
  • IDEC Student Design Competition regional finalist chosen from 81 submissions across 29 programs. 

  • Concept design for Veteran multi-family housing - team project.

  • I was responsible for logo creation, branding, color scheme, concept board, conducted all research, created the floor plan & FF&E plan, specified materials for areas shown in the renderings, chose the site location, and created renderings of the kitchen and lounge.

  • The logo reflects the double helix structure of naturally resilient wool.

Jill's Concept Board.png
Copy of Enscape_2020-09-22-04-01-13.png
Copy of Enscape_2020-09-22-03-54-46.png

Open the PDF to learn more about Resilience.

Hampshire Hill Apartments
Project with Renovation Systems

  • Renovation of 250+ units ranging from 500-1,250 sq. ft.

  • Old stained oak door and drawer fronts replaced for a painted shaker style.

  • Modern laminate countertops.

  • Cabinet face frame painting.

  • New vinyl plank flooring and carpet.

  • New brushed nickel plumbing and lighting fixtures.

  • Six3Tile backsplash for a quick install and an affordable price point.

  • Whole unit color change paint job.

  • I was responsible for obtaining vendor bids to stay in budget and guiding the client on material selection.


Hampshire Hills Before.JPG


Hampshire Hill Kitchen 2019.png

Loring Park Apartments
Project with Renovation Systems

  • Remodel of kitchens and baths throughout the property.

  • Extended peninsula counter to create seating area.

  • New appliances and plumbing fixtures.

  • Lower 30" cabinets to keep client in budget.

  • New door and drawer fronts on existing cabinets in the bathroom.

Loring_Park_Kitchen Old Cabinets.jpg

Above: Old cabinet style at property.

Loring Park Apartments.JPG

Photo by others

Loring Park Apartments 2.jpg

Photo by others

South Haven Senior Living Community Kitchen
Project with Renovation Systems

  • Remodel of community room kitchen and lounge area.

  • Removal of wall for easier access for those with walking devices and wheelchairs.

  • ADA roll under sinks, locking cabinets, rounded counter edges, and low storage provide a safe space for users.

  • Upper cabinets store material for arts and crafts directors when not in use.

  • Pull handle and single lever faucet for those with arthritis or poor dexterity.


South Haven Before.JPG


South Haven Before Inside.JPG


South Haven Digital Board.jpg



Private Residence - Marble Upgrade
Project by muin

  • Whole bathroom remodel - 60 sq. ft.

  • Client suffers from arthritis; special care taken in selecting fixtures that do not cause pain like lever faucets and flip-style handheld shower head.

  • New wet-rated light installed in shower to reduce eye-strain.

  • Accent penny-round niche installed for extra storage.

  • Vanity door and drawer fronts replaced with stained oak, flat panel fronts for ease of maintenance.

  • Large format tile replaced old vinyl flooring.

  • Project management by muin.

Dickinson Bathroom-3.jpg

Private Residence - SoCal meets Midwest
Project by muin

Mueller DiningLiving Board.jpg
Mueller Living.jpg
SoCal Traditional.PNG.png
Mueller Living_2.jpg
Mueller Reading Corner.jpg
Mueller Dining.jpg
Mueller Panorama.PNG

Private Residence - Aging in Place
Project by muin

  • Whole bathroom remodel - 80 sq. ft.

  • Client requested a design that would allow wheelchair use in the future.

  • 9" toe kick, lever style hardware and fixtures, pivot mirrors, and a removable front sink cabinet make this wheelchair friendly.

  • Floor tile installed for future wet room usage.

  • Additional lighting installed for makeup application and to reduce eye strain of older clients.

  • Plug-in night lights specified for affordable solution for wayfinding during night trips to the bathroom from bedroom.

  • Project management by muin.




Mosbrucker Bathroom Remodel.PNG
mosbrucker bathroom.png
Mosbrucker Bathroom Render.PNG
fiddlehead logo.png

Wyzata Build
Project with Fiddlehead Design Group and Hendel Homes

Interiors designed by Fiddlehead Design Group and built by Hendel Homes. I selected materials and took process photos.

urness 2.jpg

Private Residence - St. Paul Remodel
Project with Fiddlehead Design Group

Interiors designed by Fiddlehead Design Group. I selected materials, created the 3D model, and took process photos.

hovet 1.jpg
Hovet Overall.JPG
Hovet TV Room.JPG
Hearth Room.JPG

Private Residence - Frank Lloyd Wright Remodel
Project with Fiddlehead Design Group

Interiors designed by Fiddlehead Design Group. I created the 3D models and the furniture boards.

Spence Kitchen 2.JPG
Spence Kitchen.JPG
Spence Kitchen 3.JPG
Spence Kitchen 4.JPG
Spence Kitchen 5.JPG

The Martin Residence
Concept Design

  • Residential 2,300 sq.ft. living-in-place project.

  • Mid-century modern style with universal design elements like roll-in showers, various counter heights, ADA compliant hardware and door handles, and ample circulation space.

  • Natural sunlight, materials, and plants paired with bold splashes of color against a neutral base palette.

Product Boards

Below are a few examples of the products and finishes that would be seen in the space. I created these product boards to help the Martin's visualize what their space would feel like. To know more about the overall goals, objectives, and design concept for the condo, click on the PDF above labeled "Programming Binder".

Master Bed & Bath

Living, Kitchen, Dining

Guest Bed & Bath

Floor Plan Layout.JPG
Electrical Plan.JPG

Private Residence - Traditional Modern
Project by muin

Retail Space - Transition to Spring
Project for Northern Home

I was assigned to create a window display for Northern Home Furniture in downtown Fargo with 3 other students from my visual merchandising class. We created this display to show customers how to transition their living rooms into the spring season with bright accessories and natural plant elements. Click the button below to learn more.

I specified the carpet & vinyl flooring, stone veneer for the wall, and selected the seating and fabric for Paragon Bowl in 2014. The image was taken in October 2020 showing the finishes standing up to more than 5 years of wear.

Paragon Bowling Seating.jpg

Bowling Alley
Project by muin

Paragon Bar & Casino
Project by muin

Paragon Board.PNG

Concept Design

*Floor plan and elevation are not drawn to scale

Kalea was a group project for a visual merchandising class. I created a rough floor plan and elevation to provide a solution for our upscale bridal boutique and overall store layout.

Museum Model
Concept Design

Framing Model